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Internship Testimonials


“The Farmington Internship Program was a nourishing environment for me. I was able to enhance my skill set as well as be myself in the process. I ended the internship with a stronger grasp on clubs, a new found love for clubs, and confidence within myself.”
— Mariah Delgado
Summer Intern 2019
Oklahoma State University, Class of 2020
Assistant Event Operations Manager (Farmington)

“Through my internship at Farmington I learned so much and grew not only as a leader but as a person. The management team really gives you the opportunity to manage on your own while also being there to support you. They provided a rich environment to learn and thrive, allowing me to take the risks necessary to grow my confidence in a management position.”
— Gigi Ortiz
Summer Intern 2021
Niagara University, Class of 2022

"My internship at Farmington helped grow my confidence as a leader. The management team allowed me to manage on my own but they were always there to help me learn from my mistakes and support me."
— Hannah Kemp
Summer Intern 2020
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Class of 2021
Assistant Manager in Development, Class of 2024
Farmington Country Club

“Thank you for an incredible summer. Farmington has a very talented group of chefs and they were all instrumental and enthusiastic in my education. I learned an astounding amount in just 90 days and I will really miss my time at Farmington.”
— Chris Reynolds
Summer Culinary Intern 2019
Oklahoma State University, Class of 2020

“My internship at Farmington was crucial to my development and growth as a leader. I definitely see a future for myself in this industry; there are so many opportunities within private clubs if you are dedicated and have a passion for hospitality.”
— Elizabeth Wittig
Summer Intern 2018
James Madison University, Class of 2018
Assistant Manager in Development Program
Farmington Country Club

"I was given resources and guidance to successfully execute a banquet event throughout my internship. I will apply my experiences from this past summer within the hospitality industry.”
— Alyssa Flens 
Summer Intern 2017
Purdue University, Class of 2018
Assistant Manager in Development Program
Farmington Country Club

“My experience at Farmington was far greater than I imagined. I developed substantially as a leader by working with a group of talented people. Farmington was a great stepping stone that will help me tremendously long after graduation.”
— Jesse Gauvin
Summer Intern 2017
UMass Amherst, Class of 2018