Sponsored Guest Information

Welcome to Farmington Country Club! Below are some guidelines to help you maximize your tennis experience while you are at the Club. We hope you enjoy everything that Farmington has to offer and we look forward to your visit!

Tennis Attire

  • Appropriate tennis attire is defined as apparel specifically designed for tennis and can include clothing made of moisture wicking “dri-fit” material. Men and boys are not permitted to wear sleeveless shirts.

  • All members and guests 10 years of age and older must wear appropriate tennis attire. Juniors under 10 years of age are encouraged to wear appropriate tennis attire.

  • All players must wear regulation tennis shoes on Club courts. Cross training, basketball and jogging shoes are not permitted. Black soled shoes are not permitted in the indoor facility.

  • Cotton T-shirts and lycra spandex garments as an outer layer are not permitted on the tennis courts.

  • Members are responsible for their guest and ensuring they wear appropriate tennis attire.

Accompanied By A Member

  • Guest accompanied by a member or Guest staying in a guest room.

Unaccompanied By A Member

  • Is defined as a sponsored guest not accompanied by a member or not staying in a guest room.

Enjoy your time on the courts!
1625 Country Club Country Circle
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Tennis Shop: (434) 245-0670
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