Fun Facts

  • Mary Ann Wood Harper was a childhood friend of Jefferson’s grandchildren and was educated with them at Monticello.
  • Mary Ann Wood Harper prevented the burning of the Farmington by giving the Union Troops 5,000 bottles of wine.
  • The 1820 Albemarle County tax records valued Monticello at $12,000 and Farmington at $22,500 even though the properties were similar in size.
  • Martha Divers is the daughter of Dr. Thomas Walker, who was one of Jefferson’s two guardians when his father died and was a childhood friend of Jefferson’s.
  • The 1735 land grant was almost 7 ½ square miles and went from Farmington Drive west to Duner’s Restaurant, right on Owensville Road, right on Garth Road, past Foxfield, right on 21 curves to Ivy Road and Farmington’s main entrance.
  • The floor in the Jefferson Room is original and the nails were forged at Monticello.