Member Login

To log in to the new Web site for the first time, please follow these instructions:
  1. The log in is located at the top right of the Farmington home page (, or on the right hand side of the log in page.

  2. Enter your user name. For first-time users, your user name is your member number. If you have a three-digit member number, add a two zeroes (00) at the beginning of the number (e.g., 00123). For spouses, your user name is your member number appended with an S (e.g., 00123S). If you have a four-digit member number, add one zero (0) at the beginning of the number.

  3. Enter your password. For first-time users, your password is your last name.

  4. Click the circular blue log in button.

  5. Upon entering the site, please first click the “Communication Preferences” link on the left side to reset your username and password to anything you’d like. Please also update your e-mail address here. Then select your areas of interest. You will receive e-mails from Farmington based upon the communication preferences you select here.

  6. Finally, visit the “My Profile” area to double-check your contact and personal information, and update if necessary.
If you require further help with log in, please e-mail or call (434) 245-0693.